Ovivo - Ultra High Purity Water System (2014)

Ovivo USA LLC., Global Foundries, Malta, New York, Technology & Electronics,
Plasticon Canada Inc. was heavily implicated in the Ovivo Water Treatment Project. The project aim was to build an Ultra High Purity Water system for Global Founderies, a global leader in electronic wafer production. Since these tanks are used in the...

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Transportation vessel for Chemicals

Feldbinder, Germany, Technology & Electronics,
In 2009, Plasticon Composites executed a challenging project by supplying transportation vessels for  extremely corrosive fluids. The German company Feldbinder, specialized and leading in manufacturing transportation containers, wagons and trailers. As...

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PFA / GRP UPC (Ultra Pure Chemical) Tanks

Global Foundries (former AMD), Dresden, Germany, Technology & Electronics,
Semiconductor Industry Global Foundries, former known as AMD, a German based company is one of the leading companies in the semicondustor industry. This company holds three large manufacturing sites in Germany, the USA and Singapore. The sites are considered...

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Fluor plastic tank for storage of etching acid