Zhangjiagang Crystallizer Vessel

HATCH, Zhangjiagang, China, Metals & Mining,
HATCH, a worldwide engineering, project and construction management company executed a metals and mining project in China. A part of the mining plant was facilitating a chemical crystallization process, a complex process. A large process vessel was designed and manufactured.

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ECTFE/FRP Ducts & Scrubbers

Haldor Topsoe, Denmark, Metals & Mining,
Flue gas ducting & scrubber.  Plasticon Composites is already several years responsible for the mechanical design and supply of multiple ducting systems & scrubbers for WSA-plants that are being constructed according to the Haldor Topsoe technology. Due...

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Purple Haldor Topsoe Duct

Venturi scrubbers Almalyk project

Outotec Sweden, Uzbekistan, Metals & Mining,
For many years the Venturi scrubber was made out of steel with a rubber lining, that’s how the market is familiar with this product. However, experience has shown that certain corrosion failures repetitively occur after certain time in operation.  To...

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Venturi Scrubber Outotac in production

Xstrata, FEP duct DN1000

Xstrata, Norway, Metals & Mining,
  The engineering and supply of an off-gas pipe of a sulphuric acid production plant, associated to copper and nickel mining. Roasting of sulphuric ores, combustion of elemental sulphur and thermal decomposition processes lead to off-gases containing sulphuric acid droplets.

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Xstrata installed on plant