Food & Beverage

Plasticon Composites recognises that the Food & Beverage market is increasingly being led by global corporations. The market involves a chain from farming to retail, operating with sophisticated technologies, biotechnology, agrochemicals, plant breeding and food processing. Plasticon Composites meets the global demand for long lasting and cost effective solutions for process and storage equipment in the Food & Beverage processing markets by using composite and dual laminate materials. 

Plasticon Composites is experienced in supplying the Food & Beverage market with equipment for fluids such as soup, wine, drinking water, olive oil, soy sauce and solids like sugar, flour, oat, salt and cocoa. The products manufactured for these mediums do not affect the flavour in any way. Plasticon Composites is certified by TÜV to supply the Food & Beverage industry with products, based on the fact that they are engineered according to EHEDG standards.

Plasticon Composites designs special storage and transport systems for the food & beverage market, focusing on transport of the product to and from the storage tank or silo using a special conveyor, auger, vibrating bottom or fluidised bed.

Over the years, Plasticon Composites has built up a significant client portfolio in the Food & Beverage market. Our multilingual and well qualified staff can help customers at every stage, from the design to the supply of process equipment for the food industries.