Waste incineration

The environmental impact of a waste incineration plant is a concern of government and society alike. The construction and choice of equipment for a waste incineration plant is therefore carefully considered by experts. Plasticon Composites has supplied waste incineration plants all over the world, delivering chemical and corrosion-resistant appliances, piping systems and storage tanks.

Many waste incineration plants involve the process of burning waste materials. ‘Cradle to cradle’ is one principle used in the waste incineration industries. Plasticon Composites has experience with this principle and can supply engineering, equipment, installation and project management for these industries.

Handling NOx and SO2 is an important part of the process in which Plasticon Composites is involved.

In general, Plasticon Composites specialises in the engineering, supply, installation and maintenance of equipment for the entire waste incineration process, from process piping to auxiliary piping and from a scrubber to duct systems for cleaning the polluted air.

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